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Putting this idea on ice!

Many of you may be wondering how you got here or how this all started. It's simple, see the ad below:

REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS OWNER: Kent State University ADDRESS: Office of the University Architect 615 Loop Road, 101 Harbourt Hall P.O. Box 5190 Kent, OH 44242-0001 OWNER CONTACT: Joseph A. Graham Office of the University Architect TELEPHONE: 330-672-3880 FAX: 330-672-2648 PROJECT NAME PROJECT NO. KSU-21L104 AND LOCATION: RENOVATIONS TO ICE ARENA FOR BAND REHEARSAL FACILITY KENT STATE UNIVERSITY, KENT CAMPUS KENT, OHIO / PORTAGE COUNTY PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The University's Ice Arena was constructed in 1970 and while the facility has remained attractive for university and regional activities for more than five decades, it has several problems related to its age. This project will begin to address some critical deferred maintenance needs as well as convert a portion of the facility into a marching band rehearsal facility. In response to a growing program serving the Marching Golden Flashes and the Glauser School of Music an expanded rehearsal and support venue is required. After a thorough review of new and existing facilities it was determined that the conversion of one of the two interior rinks (recreational rink) would provide a strategic location for the new Marching Band Rehearsal Facility near their future outdoor practice field. The current plans for the City of Kent's East Main Street Improvement project will install a round-a-bout at the intersection of Horning and E. Main Street which will eliminate the current marching band practice field. This project will produce a first-class Marching Band facility that meets the standards of today's musical rehearsal spaces and will aid the recruitment and retention of talented musicians from all majors across the university. This new facility will provide the ability to have all sections of the marching band rehearse safely indoors simultaneously, which is not possible in their current location. This dedicated facility for the Marching Golden Flashes will not only accommodate the current band but will also allow for future growth of this flourishing program. Serving as the primary rehearsal space for the Marching Golden Flashes, the Flasher Brass, and percussion in the Glauser School of Music, this facility will also provide practice rooms, instrument storage, uniform storage, faculty office and support spaces. In addition, the project will address two critical deferred maintenance issues by completing a full roof replacement and public restroom rehabilitation. These deferred maintenance improvements will benefit all of the students, staff, and visitors to the Ice Area and Band Rehearsal Facility. The full Program of Requirements and space fit plans will be made available to the shortlisted teams. The available Ice Rink area to accommodate the renovated spaces is 15,810 square feet. The existing restroom area is 650 square feet. The total roof area of the project is 61,850 square feet. TOTAL PROJECT COST: $6,500,000.00 CONSTRUCTION COST: $5,500,000.00 SERVICES REQUIRED: * Lead A/E Discipline: Architecture * Secondary Acoustic Design Disciplines: Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing Eng. Structural Engineering Hazardous Materials ANTICIPATED SCHEDULE: Professional Services Start: August 2021 Construction Notice to Proceed: March 2022 Substantial Completion of all Work: November 2022 Professional Services Completed: March 2023 EDGE PARTICIPATION GOAL: Percent of initial TOTAL Design Fee: minimum of 9% SUBMITTAL INSTRUCTIONS: Firms are required to submit the current version of Statement of Qualifications (Form F110-330) available via the OFCC website at<>. Electronic submittals should be combined into one PDF file named with the project number listed on the RFQ and your firm's name. Use the "print" feature of Adobe Acrobat or similar software for creating a PDF rather than using a scanner. If possible, please reduce the file size of the PDF. In Acrobat, go to Advanced, then PDF Optimizer. Submit with a USB thumbdrive. Paper copies of the Statement of Qualifications, if requested, should be stapled only. Do not use special bindings or coverings of any type. Cover letters and transmittals are not necessary. Facsimile copies of the Statement of Qualifications will not be accepted. Firms are requested to identify professional registrations, memberships and credentials including: LEED GA, LEED AP, LEED AP+, CCCA, CCM, CCS, CDT, CPE, DBIA, and any other appropriate design and construction industry credentials. Identify that information on the resume page for individual in Block 22, Section E of the F110-330 form. Interested Firms are encouraged to attend the pre-submittal meeting at the Ice Arena 650 Loop Rd. Kent, Ohio 44242 on Wednesday June 9th at 10am. This will be the only opportunity to view the facility. Shortlist Interviews will be scheduled for the morning of Tuesday, July 27, 2021, in Harbout Hall, Room 102. Teams will be asked to limit their in-person numbers but may utilize video conferencing. Submissions must be enclosed in a sealed envelope with project name and number listed, and sent to Joseph A. Graham, Interim Executive Director and University Architect, Suite 101 Harbourt Hall, 615 Loop Road, Kent, OH 44242. All questions regarding this Request for Qualifications are to be submitted in writing (absolutely no answers will be provided to phone inquiries) to the attention<> with "Ice Arena Band Rehearsal Facility" in the subject line. Questions will be answered and posted to the Kent State University Office of the University Architect's website at on a regular basis until one week before the time of proposal submittal. DEADLINE: Thursday, June 24, 2021, 4:00p.m. (EST) PLEASE DO NOT submit proposals to The State Architect Office. 1t- 6/1/21 (5906395)

I have to admit when I saw the news on a fellow parent's Facebook page, I had to do a double take. What do you mean re-purposing the ice arena? I read the ad, and then I read the ad again trying to make sense of what I was reading. Then my heart sank, knowing immediately what this could potentially mean for the hockey players and figure skaters, as well as the businesses in my community. One less ice rink... An ice rink which my kids predominately had practices on in the past meant less ice time to go around for the multiple teams and programs who use the ice arena at Kent State. I was ANGRY. Being an educator I knew that throwing a grown up temper tantrum was not the way I was going to get a response to the issue. That is where my petition came into existence. You see as an educator I'm also an advocate. It is something that ironically Kent State taught me to do, and to do well. I immediately began putting my ideas down. I knew that I needed to get support in order to even make a case to try to sway the university from making this decision. As stated on the home page of my website as well as the update posted to the petition, I am NOT representing any team, club or organization. I am just a mom, educator and alumnus who is fighting and advocating for our children and community. There has to be alternatives to this suggested location for a rehearsal facility. I am just hoping to spark the conversation.

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