RFI, RFP, RFQ, or the beginning of the end...

For those new to the lingo as I am, RFI stands for Request for Information. So knowing what it stands for, what does it mean? An RFI would be used when you are looking for information for a solution to a problem or need. On June 14, 2019 Kent State released an RFI, requesting information in regards to the potential outsourcing of operations of the Ice Arena. This RFI would have been posted to the Procurement page of the university website, and potentially through a public not

All a part of the master plan.... well, the answer would be NO.

So when Kent State began to request work bids for repurposing the rec rink into a marching band facility, it made me think... was this all a part of the master plan? This took me to the page of the office of the university architect to look over the master plan outlined there. I did a little digging through all sections of the 10 year plan, adopted by the board of trustees in March of 2018. Phase 1: 2018-2020- In this phase of the 10 year plan there is no mention of renovatio